Ocean Energy Centre is an innovation platform for ocean energy technologies, ranging from marine biofuels to wave‚ tidal and offshore wind power. Our mission is to advance the ocean energy industry in Sweden and internationally. We do that by initiating collaborative research and development projects, strengthening the stakeholder network and promoting the potential of ocean energy.


We initiate academic and applied research and development projects as well as other types of relevant studies. They are led and carried-out by partner organizations, such as Chalmers, SP and SSPA, and other partners, such as development companies and industry suppliers, either participate directly in the projects or provide important input by interacting closely with the researchers.


We initiate, facilitate and organize events such as workshops, seminars and conferences. The events are key components in our efforts to build and strengthen the stakeholder network around ocean energy technologies and increase their visibility. They also provide important feedback into ongoing research activities and constitute forums for discussing and prioritizing research initiatives.